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The animation has promise and is good. The audio needs a lot of work. Its good, I just cant understand all of it. Keep grinding my friend.

This was good job I give A+.

If you wanna work together again sometime hit me up!

This came out on my birthday

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This came out really cool. The pieces were awesome, but the background is what I enjoyed to most! The transition was great and it gave the totem a lot of depth. Good job!

My main issue is the control set up. I would have preferred that left and right be controlled by A & D keys. I am right handed, so I control the mouse with my right hand. My arrow keys are on the right side of my key board. Its just kind of scrunched together and not comfortable for game play. The advert in between EACH level is slightly excessive and seems more like you are pushing out games for greed rather than entertainment purposes. I understand the need to make a buck from hard work, but it drags you out of the game... Also, I don't know if the "rate" button works... I am assuming that is there for mobile versions of the game? I like the concept a but, but it does get dull rather quick when the puzzles become more about luck than skill. Keep it up man!

This is actually a really clever idea and very well put together. The medals are slightly irritating... visit 100 times? Its all good just check the grammar in the descriptions for me. Very clean and a cool little gadget. Loads a little slow for me when flipping pages. Maybe a way to change the text size? Other than that good stuff.

deathink responds:

Thanks, yeah, i noticed that grammatical mistake, I'll get it fixed soon.

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Can I use this for something?

DJmadalrian responds:

Go for it

I like the opening... the beat is nice. Could use a little more weight when the break comes in. All around the song feels pretty solid. Needs some tweaks and refinements, but I like it. I like the building music that comes in towards the end.

angler082133 responds:

Thanks for the input. I thought the same but I couldn't find another synth progression I liked. I still got time to put work into it.

Once again...

You make something that is just awesome. I always laugh my ass off when I hear Tom sing, but the music you've put with this is just perfect. I could listen to your stuff all day.

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Love this! Can I use this for a thing?

siddikinz responds:

sure thing!

Can I use this for a thing?


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