Entry #281

Newgrounds Meet Up!

2014-08-04 20:24:51 by ForNoReason

What feels like a hundred years ago I organized a meet up for Newgrounds people in Atlanta, GA. 

I did it again the next year.

Then I stopped because I suck.


I want to do it again, but I want to gauge some interest first.  If you can be bothered to answer a few questions for me ill buy you a drink at the next meet up:

2015 Meet Up Questions:

1. Would you be interested, and capable, in going to a Newgrounds Meet up in Atlanta, GA?

2. Which is better: The third weekend in July or the fourth weekend in July?

3. What are you general thoughts, ideas and concerns?




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2014-08-04 20:45:11

1. No, I live no where near your state.
2. Personally I'd prefer the third weekend.
3. Well, with this I've answered the questions needlessly and only worry that I won't be able to get that drink.

Though if I was near by I'd totally go.


2014-08-04 23:37:17

Sure, I live in Florida. Don't care which weekend. My thoughts are that you owe me a drink, my idea is Red Label, my concern is that you won't have it.

But seriously, my greatest concern would be low headcount. The NG crowd is a socially rejected bunch which is cringe-inducing awkward in a headcount low enough to not be crowded. I probably won't be able to go, just my bet, but if I could I wouldn't unless it was like at least like thirty or forty people. Wouldn't be worth the trip. That's just me, though. I've never been to any NG meet. Bucket list.


2014-08-05 00:56:03

1. No, I'm in the NE, but man there sure a lot of NG users from Florida!
2. Maybe play it by ear, keep all of July open, then settle on a date in the spring.
3. IDK, what kinda turn-outs have you had in the past?


2014-08-05 12:27:35

1. Yes, yes :D
2. Third weekend I suppose, that ways users that are also parents have time to go home and get their kids ready for school.
3. Where would i sleep?


2014-08-05 23:11:13

I want to go to a meetup badly but I'm stuck in Seattle.


2014-08-06 01:28:42

1. God yes, so much "in".
2. Third, personally.
3. Sleeping arrangements are important. Also, beer.