Entry #266

2014 time and Serious Setbacks!

2014-01-02 12:20:42 by ForNoReason

Well not setbacks, just one setback...  My desk top computer seems to have pooped itself.  I am trying to get it better, but no ETIC right now.  So I won't be pumping out many projects or voice acting to start off the new year.  Wish me luck!  Ill be posting the statuses and pleads for help on my Facebook page... so look for that.


 I voice acted for a really cool game that CrazyRock made.  You are blind during a zombie apocalypse.



That is all for now I guess.  HAPPY NEW YEAR TIMES!



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2014-01-02 13:15:53

How exactly has your desktop pooped out? Seem like software or hardware trouble?
Any power surges lately (or vacuuming, or other high voltage items in operation)? Never liked always on power supplies :\


2014-01-11 15:20:18