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How To Help Victims of Typhoon Haiyan & Happy Veterans Day!

2013-11-11 07:54:51 by ForNoReason

Just in Case you live under a rock, a huge typhoon hit the Philippians and other areas in the south Pacific.

People there are in need of supplies and relief.
"what can I do about it?" you ask with your thumb twitching slightly as you shove it up your nose.... well there is a way you can help right here on Newgrounds.

Give your ad revenue to charity! When you create something here on Newgrounds, or you can send revenue from an already created project, just add one of these charity sites to the "credits & roles" section under inspiration or whatever you want:

Care Charity

These two charities are working hard to help the victims of this natural disaster. You can help as well! Find out more about the Newgrounds Charity Project here:

Also, Happy Veterans Day to all my fellow vets here on Newgrounds.


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2013-11-11 13:08:01

Cool concept. Just switched the ad revenue earnings on some of my games from myself to those two charities (even though it won't be a lot, it's still better used for them than for me).

ForNoReason responds:

Thanks man, every little bit helps. The more that contribute the more that can be made!


2013-11-12 10:22:17

I'm Filipino...
However we don't have television and we don't open the radio to the news much so me and my family don't know much about the details.
We're Typhoon Yolanda(Hailan) hit somewhere far from where I'm at but when I managed to look at the news, it's pretty much a disaster.
I wish I could volunteer.