Entry #257

What Have I Done For You Lately!?!

2013-09-10 15:46:59 by ForNoReason

I've posted more stuff recently than I expected.

I made a soundboard for bigjonny13, because I told him I would, and if any other voice actors want one just ask.

I found this thing on my old laptop. I thought it was a good idea to share it with everyone. IT IS A SHAPE MOVIE!!!! So how excited are you about that?

I sang a song about pineapples... I have no excuse for such things.

If you were following me you would know all this! So maybe you should do that?


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2013-09-10 16:45:09

I follow you know, I wonder why I forgot :o

ForNoReason responds:

Never forget!


2013-09-10 18:33:18

what you haven't did yet;



sorry i love you<3

ForNoReason responds:

I know :(


2013-09-10 18:47:29

This is truffle season.
Wearing tuxedos ___________.


2013-09-10 19:10:18

Yeah, FNR totes did stuff for me, he's cool like that

ForNoReason responds:



2013-09-11 21:06:12

okay fine i'll follow you

ForNoReason responds:

Thanks <3