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Help Save Newgrounds!

2013-08-21 07:44:08 by ForNoReason

I am selling a bunch of DVDs and such for the cheap on eBay.


More stuff to be listed soon.


If you are here on Newgrounds I know you like this site. Maybe even love this site. You might have very strong feelings for this site that you can't express fully. Well, Newgrounds needs your help. You may or may not have noticed that there is a huge backlog right now of movies and games sitting "under judgment". This effects a lot of things that happen here on Newgrounds. Daily awards get wonky, great new works get missed, and things just look messy.

How can you help? Well I am glad you asked that very specific question!

If you like Games CLICK HERE, if you prefer Movies CLICK HERE, and if you are an old hat and like it retro CLICK HERE!

It doesn't matter how you get there, just get there. Now watch some movies, play some games and VOTE! You have the power to decide the fate of what stays on Newgrounds. You have the chance to win $100 just for sitting on your butt and playing games!

Each new submission needs 200 votes to pass/fail judgment. If you watch/play something then VOTE on it. Let your voice be heard with the click of a button. Help clean up the Newgrounds Portal!

I know the title of this post was slightly dramatic...

Feel free to post some ideas on how you would like to see Newgrounds improved and/or how much you just like this darn place!


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2013-08-21 08:19:49

I go to judgement every time i can...

ForNoReason responds:

Awesome! Keep up the good work!


2013-08-21 09:07:15

i once went to the under judgment section.
my money was stolen and my mother was brutally murdered.
i also saw my dog talking to some shady people, never saw him after that.

never again.

ForNoReason responds:

Trying to clean up these mean streets!

Sorry for your loss....


2013-08-21 09:15:25

You're doing God's work, sir. It's pretty annoying when a submission on the front page is under judgment for 11 hours, so I shall try to help!

ForNoReason responds:

Thank you kind sir!


2013-08-21 09:39:27

It's gone all over the place, why did people suddenly stop voting?
My last 2 videos were under judgement for 2 days, and one of them might have got a daily award except PBot never even posted daily awards for that day :S
I hope it improves soon.

ForNoReason responds:

We all have to work together to make it better! Hope it all comes together soon!


2013-08-21 10:10:41

Wait it's 300 votes now? A) I should be 100 - 150. B) The minimum rating should be 2.25 not 1.6! C) The under judgment section should be in a more obvious place (back on the classic portal it's easy to find and now it's hidden in this new design). D) Newest games should be ordered by when they're approved and not added, this means click bate submissions screw over ones added before it. It said this many times but no one listens and then you wonder why the whole system is messed up.

ForNoReason responds:

Sorry, typo. It is 200


2013-08-21 10:41:13

Oh joy! I am going to learn Flash right away!


2013-08-21 11:09:44

well, i LOVE this site, im here since 2006, and before that, i lurked this site for 5 years, because when i first discovered it on 2001, i thought it was a cool site to watch.

if i joined on that time, now my account/status would be cool as hell!
oh well.

i really like this site, and i want to see it on the top.to keep going.
i vote almost daily, p. often on under judgement movie, but i dont think i will get 100$, man.

no matter what, i think we should all care,a nd protect this great site, for it is a rare, and nice heaven for those who enjoy quallity flash movies and games

sigh- yeah

ps. dude, do you happen to sell any monty python's DVD's? just asking.

ForNoReason responds:

no monty python :(


2013-08-21 11:24:40

@ForNoReason Even so it's still too high. You could argue that reducing the required amount of votes would flood Newest Games with submissions but then also increasing the minimum rating would even it out. I've seen games like http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/623652 get through that obviously shouldn't have gotten through. Also making it so people can only post 1 game every 2 days would be good since I've seen developers upload Crap Game .5, Crap Game .75 and so on in the same day.

ForNoReason responds:

I think a lowering of some of the votes needed and/or raising the min required score might be needed for sure.


2013-08-21 12:35:24

Dont you worry, I am always looking out to vote on things that need it. ;)


2013-08-21 12:49:39

Honestly, I think this is because the portal is in a pretty bad place, very obscure. It's evident that not enough people are going there.
A real improvement would be having another widget on the Front Page displaying the Under Judgement window, maybe off to the right.

As mentioned, decreasing the number of votes needed and raising the required score would help a LOT.


2013-08-21 13:15:09

Allow me to clarify: Showcasing only 10 Under Judgement submissions is too few. Using the entire right margin would probably be of some benefit.


2013-08-21 14:18:45

i think that the main page should redirect directly to the portal for all users instead of the main page being default. i think that if you're an anonymous user (logged off) or prefer to switch to main page, that should be the default. but i think changing the portal and sort of 'getting away' from it is a huge mistake


2013-08-21 14:33:43

Just for you, I went and voted on 65 Under Judgement entries.

ForNoReason responds:

you are a true hero!


2013-08-21 15:04:49

There are literally a lot of interesting submissions that could be saved. People skim through stuff and blame everything they see. That's not how things should work on here.


2013-08-21 16:08:46

Yeah I get you I thought one collab me and my friends made was pretty balla it was the Morph collab on my page, I got so much feed back from it, that i was like well shit no reward but people loved it. :)

I really do love newgrounds, I will write up a list of ideas.

I recently haven't been on as much newgrounds, but I love it and love supporting it. Like I see in comments that people skim shit and blame it. Seriously it happens alot. If newgrounds wants a good Idea or concept here is one. There should be a way to view amount of steady amount of activity and a way to view where the most amount of users were registered. or what year, based of that you could work out a method to really boost the site. I personally love this type of view on things. So.. yeah :P Well I LOVE NEWGROUNDS!!! I will be more active as i keep working on my animations.


2013-08-22 04:17:07



2013-08-22 16:43:21

Tom needs to have a telethon or fund raising effort... if not to hire temp help to get the bugs worked out, then to aggressively advertise our existence! NG has been around a damn long time, and is one of the first user-submitted and moderated, content websites.