Entry #252

Take Advantage of the Updated Publishing System!

2013-07-24 12:49:44 by ForNoReason

Jump in on The Newgrounds Charity Project!

Newgrounds has several charity accounts which you can send some of your Ad Revenue to.

Here is how:

1. Create a bad ass movie/game/audio/thing!
2. Go to your Project System page and load that thing up.
3. Go to the Credits/Roles section and add a charity account under the "Additional Credits" section.
4. Assign 1%-100% of your Ad Rev to charity!
5. feel good about yourself and gain mad respect!

Here is an easy list of all the charity accounts:
Breast Cancer Research Fund
Yellow Ribbon Fund

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2013-07-24 13:39:52

Any plans for the Michael J. Fox Foundation? Would love for my money to go there.

ForNoReason responds:

That is a great idea! I haven't thought of adding any new charity accounts recently becase I wanted the current ones to build some more steam again, but the MJF would be a cool one.


2013-07-24 13:49:29

Investigating said charities now. I'd like to be sure my conscience is clear before placing any ad revenue for any of these. For now, nearly all of them look like they've got a clean record. Thanks for linking them for us!


2013-07-24 16:01:00

Mitchell, I'm not that impressed with the Project update. (It is more of a hassle than before, but at least they gave a higher filesize overhead to compensate.)