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You Want GAMES!?!?!

2013-07-06 13:02:48 by ForNoReason

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Game Jam 9 with not one, but TWO teams. You see I am a voice actor, and as a voice actor I can bounce from team to team and do 10% of the work and enjoy 100% of the fame with the rest of the team. It is glorious!

In all seriousness, it was a true honor helping out with both of these teams. They were fun in their own different ways and it was an honor to work with some of Newground's greatest people. Motorjoust is an amazing game that I can't believe got done in two weeks. You should check it out and love it forever. Shape Adventures is a fun platformer that involves some mad skills. For a game that was being turned into a movie then back into a game, it came out pretty great! Check it out!

There was a lot of voice work I did for both games that got left on the cutting room floor. Some of it funny some of it decent. Maybe ill dump it here one day so everyone can enjoy... probably not. I am working on some other stuff, a certain soundboard comes to mind, so look for that soon.

Also, if you ever need a voice actor just shoot me a PM.


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2013-07-06 13:19:54

You should definitely post the Voice Acting you did for Motorjoust! If you don't have the files anymore, I still have a copy on my computer.

ForNoReason responds:

Any chance I can get a copy of one of the songs from the game? I can put the VA clips to the music and slap it in the AP. If thats cool with you.


2013-07-09 13:16:47

Of course Mitch! I can send you the whole soundtrack. PM me your email (I didn't get your email yet) and I'll send everything over. I'm going to be adding a few of the songs to the AP anyway, some extended into full loops. Just make sure to credit me in the credits/roles section when you upload.

ForNoReason responds:

but of course! Thanks!