Entry #247

I Made a Thing... Plus Game Jam!

2013-06-20 23:25:07 by ForNoReason

I made this and it has medals:


If you need a Voice Actor for the upcoming Game Jam then hit me up. I work for nothing and I can dance for you via Skype for inspiration...


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2013-06-21 02:20:28

If you can do a good fat person breathing hard, we could fit you in. And I code better when someone is dancing in skype.

ForNoReason responds:

I think I can get that done.... ill send you some stuff sooooooooon.


2013-06-21 04:07:48

what kind


2013-06-21 07:30:24

I like dinosauurs


2013-06-21 08:47:46

I like dinosauurs


2013-06-21 20:35:02

We could use another Wildcard, we're doing the shape adventures;

Team Poop Jokes Are Funny
Programmer - MikeyS9607
Programmer - Gimmick
Artist - Me
Wildcard - LafyKid

If, ofc, it isn't against the rules to have 5 people.

ForNoReason responds:

I dont think it is. You can send me any lines you might need done!


2013-06-21 22:47:13

Alright, add me on skype;


Gay name, I know. :(())