Entry #244

I Need a New Icon... Also, I Voice Act!

2013-05-22 13:33:10 by ForNoReason

I need a new user icon but I am to lazy to figure one out. Shoot me ideas for a new one and I might change it to your clever idea!

Also, I voice act. Check out some of the stuff I've done. Send me scripts and ill get that stuff done! All for free and junk!

I have projects I am working on. They will be out soonish.


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2013-05-22 15:34:46

A penis.


2013-05-22 16:10:04

Uhm...what about someone doing something incredible and/or foolish for "no reason"?


2013-05-22 16:34:05

go with that kongregate icon, but change that K to a F


2013-05-23 02:53:31

Can't beat old staff icons! Can I interest you in a vintage Rob piece?