Entry #242

You a Voice Actor? Got Something for You...

2013-05-04 12:21:45 by ForNoReason

100 years ago I made this:
ForNoReason Soundboard!

and I actually got a few gigs from it. I was going to make a sequel, but instead I want to spread the love.

Are you a voice actor and have a bunch of stuff posted on the Newgrounds Audio Portal?

Do you want your own Soundboard that can be a quick reference to your work and a fun interactive thing to get you exposure?

Then leave a message here saying I have permission to use your audio portal stuff to turn it into a game. If you want to make some original files to throw in there then PM me for contact details and such.

You will be coauthored on the game and earn 50/50 on the ad rev.

Ill do the projects in the order that I get requests and I will complete them as my free time becomes available.

Post any questions here of you got them, or just post here telling me to do your thing...


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2013-05-04 12:59:33

You know I'm always game for you


2013-05-04 13:02:01

Actually, I think my latest demo reel would be excellent for this, as long as it's cut into the individual segments, and each segment being its own clip. I have them already separated if you like that idea.

ForNoReason responds:

That would be cool. Do you have my e-mail? Also, I could incorporate some of your artwork in it if you wanted me to. If not it can be a generic thing. Whichever. Ill start working on it soon.


2013-05-04 15:27:59

Once I get more shit out with m new mic, I'll be totally up for that


2013-05-04 18:52:32



2013-05-04 20:47:26

You got my permission broham!


2013-05-04 20:48:23

When do we judge the commercials?

ForNoReason responds:

did you not get the PM?


2013-05-04 23:31:17

I still need to create a good audio setup myself, but I'm pleased as peas that you're doing this project... everyone wins!! Good luck with all the PMing, emailing, cutting, pasting and packaging!
Also wrote a hard review for your personal soundboard, which I hope helps.