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Looking for Animator and ATL Meet?

2013-03-27 17:19:33 by ForNoReason

I need an artist/animator to make some characters for a project I am working on. PM me if you want some more info.

I want to put something insightful or interesting in this post but I don't have anything interesting right now. Waste of a front page post I know. Been in and out of Newgrounds recently because of life related stuff. I want to set up an Atlanta meet up for this year, but I don't know yet.

Last weekend of July would probably be when it is. How would that work for people here?


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2013-03-27 17:24:09

I could try


2013-03-27 22:13:39

its a possibility, i think im in new orleans in august though, so if it doesnt pan out you should come on out, i need a dancing partner


2013-03-29 02:11:32

Unfortunately, I can't draw or animate myself out of a commodore 64, but I do live in Atlanta and have a lot of friends who are great at it, so when a time and place pops up, I'll make sure that they all know.

On a side note, if you ever need a voice actor or a, shall we say, "creative writing consultant", I can do that stuff with half my brain tied behind my back (mostly parts of the right half)


2013-03-30 14:32:30

SoupSquad is also looking for an animator, you should join *wink*

ForNoReason responds:

need me some info on that.


2013-04-14 15:58:58

As a member, I am obligated to say nice things;

Soup Squad is the newest and the most original flash crew, check it out on www.soupsquad.com

On a more serious note, you should consider joining. Also I might need a VA soon, could I hit ya up for it?