Entry #229

Become a Fan, Watch My Stuff and Give me Money!

2013-01-18 10:13:11 by ForNoReason

I made a playlist of all the collabs I hosted:
Playlist thing

You should be my fan because of all the cool things I do: http://fornoreason.newgrounds.com/follow

Hey... did you know I am broke? Well I am. If you have enjoyed anything I have done on this site, then I humbly request you donate some cash money so I can keep doing what I do. It is coming to a time where I might have to make some harsh decisions, and NOBODY wants that to happen!


This news post was kind of strange for me... but it happens sometimes. I might have to stop with Newgrounds for a minute and pick up a 3rd/4th job soon because money is getting stupid bad. I will continue to focus on current projects until they are finished, but there might not be anything new started by me for awhile. Boohoo to me right?

Did you know there is an uber-cool contest going on right now?


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2013-01-18 14:31:21

I read the title, and the first thought that crossed my mind was "Why?". I immediately got the answer by reading your username xD


2013-01-18 17:56:11

seems reasonable.


2013-01-20 04:34:57

i'm already a fan, i watched your stuff, and i have no money but i will remember to click on your ads to make you money.