Entry #228

A Commercial Creating CONTEST!

2013-01-08 15:51:53 by ForNoReason

Wanna earn some awesome Newgrounds swag?

Then create a commercial about Newgrounds!

The top three winners will earn $25 Newgrounds store credit!

The best commercial will win $25 store credit, a super secret awesome prize and be interviewed by TheInterviewer!

If anyone else wants to throw in some prizes then PM me!

Due date is April 27th 2013

#NG_TV_Spot - TurkeyBased
An Ad for Newgrounds - Mikeys9607
A Newgrounds Commercial -Jonimator
Light of NG - descom
NG Commercial 2013 - WhiteLightning
Everything, by Everyone - jagondudo
NG Commercial Entry - Gunboyisawesome
NG Commercial - TheMajormel
Newgrounds TV Bump - digsBot
Vees NG Commercial - veselekov
Newgrounds Ad - RyderOmega

Judges for the contest are:

and myself


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2013-01-08 17:23:32

I might enter.


2013-01-09 10:00:09

Can I throw in a prize for "most 'sandwich-eatery" username to enter"?

ForNoReason responds:

You bet your ass you can


2013-01-09 12:39:29

darn, I'm not a judge
oh well


2013-01-09 13:16:11

i am willing to throw in the prize of sending the top three submissions a personalized digital photograph of me giving them an overly enthusiastic thumbs up. it's not much, but it's something.


2013-01-15 00:07:51

Totally entering! Although, I'm already in the middle of making a cartoon, so I wont start working on it for a little while. Would it be a good idea if I wait to post it towards the deadline, so no one steals my idea and makes it better? Are there any disadvantages for turning it in towards the end?

ForNoReason responds:

Nope, all entries will be treated equally regardless of when they are submitted. Towards the end might be the best idea! Glad you are joining!


2013-01-26 22:25:35

Is there going to be any way to get the winners featured on the site?


2013-02-05 01:37:19

It's official, I'm on board with this. You can expect something from me.


2013-02-13 16:46:11

Just submitted my entry!


2013-03-26 17:36:15

Btw, you may want to update my name from "jjjkuk" to my current :3 Go ahead and add a "formerly known as..." so people know it's me.