Reading This Won't Kill You!.... I Promise...

2009-09-11 18:00:19 by ForNoReason

First and foremost watch this flash and vote 5. Review it and stuff. YES... it is a sprite movie. So be warned before you watch. I wrote most of the scenes and voice acted for it. Woohoo!?

Next thing I wanted to bring up is the fact that you now have the ability of a GOD!!! That's right, believe it or not but you have control over another persons life, or at least their voice...MY voice to be exact.

Treat me like a tool and prank call your friends or just enjoy the funny things I say about stuff. The ForNoReason ULTIMATE Soundboard will be coming soon.

Wanna Join A Collab?

Help spread breast cancer awareness and join the I Love Boobs Collab!

Help spread screw awareness and join the Go Screw Yourself Art Collab!

Help spread Egoraptor awareness and join the Awesome Collab!
- He is a menace, and needs to be stopped!

Anyway that is all for now. As always PM me with your voice acting requests.

Hugs and kisses,


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