My Voice Acting Resume!

2009-06-29 23:15:14 by ForNoReason

( Work in Progress, Constantly Updated)

These are the pieces of work I have been involved in that will may help you decide if I am the right guy for your animation or other piece of work! Please be aware that some of these works were recorded on a sub par mic. I have recently purchased a professional condenser microphone, so the quality of the recording has improved!

Flash Movies:

The Carbonwater Show ep.5
Six Minutes of Nothing
SuperHero Collab
Makeshift's Newgrounds
Why I Don't Make Flashes
Pokemon Master ep11
Yu-Gi-Oh DUB Style
The 5 Hour Collab V
ForNoReason Soundboard!
John and Aron ep 1
Carbon's Day at SA 9
Glass of Water
I.S. The Beginning [Pt1]


Papa Johns Commercial Parody
No Homework
FNR - MH16: MayDay
A Voice Acting Demo?
Stamper's Rant
The River Stream
The Voice Actor's Creed
The Fat Joker
Pirate Day!

Please PM me with any voice acting requests!


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