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Voice Acting... Ill do it...

2017-02-14 07:56:34 by ForNoReason

You need a voice actor and I need to do it realy bad.  Send me scripts and direction.  Ill get it to you.  You like it you use it.  You hate it you use it.  I don't care just use it.


PM me or comment or something.

Merry Christmas!

2016-11-25 06:51:57 by ForNoReason

Send me your favorite Newgrounds Audio Portal Christmas Jams!  Post them here!  I might be making a thing....

A Halloween Thing

2016-10-28 22:06:47 by ForNoReason

I didn't do anything for Halloween this year... but I voice acted for this thing like two years ago:


I Clock Day'd a Thing

2016-08-15 11:41:20 by ForNoReason


Did I win the interenets yet?


Bam... follow me and retweet my old post... cause they are awesome and you love them.  If I reach 1000 followers ill give away something.  Will it be worth it?  Only you can be disapointed!

Coming to the San Antonio Meet Up this weekend?


Check out the schedule:


If you need a voice actor for any of the movie jam stuff them PM me.  Im kinda good at it...

I am going to be in San Antonio, Texas for all of June and some of July for work.  I got the weekends free and I haven't organized a Newgrounds Meet in a long long time.  So why not enjoy some mini-meat.


A weekend in June... Probably the weekend of the 24th-26th.


If it stays super mini then probably just a bar Friday and/or Saturday night.  If there are a lot of people coming we can do an all ages thing on Saturday.... Probably the Alamo or some tourist shit... I'm not from San Antonio so I don't care.

Let me know if you are interested and what places would be cool.  If you come ill buy you a drink... If you come from out of town ill buy you two drinks.


I need a writer

2016-04-24 10:26:54 by ForNoReason

My creativity has been lacking so I need some help.  Need a writter to write me up something for a voice acting/animation thing I'm makeing.  Needs to be roughly 2 mins of dialogue.  If you're interested let me know and ill send you the details....


What you get:

I will coauthor you on the project and you will get roughly 33% of the 2 cents this project may or may not get.



I'm a decent voice actor... whose got a need for one of those?

I Made Dis!

2015-10-21 17:41:19 by ForNoReason

or at least I contributed to the collaboration....


The Son of Reason- 2015 Newgrounds User of the Year