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Entry #264

I Will Tell You What to Watch and Play!

2013-12-16 15:11:15 by ForNoReason

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I have been trying to post at least one really cool thing from Newgrounds a day.  Sometimes you get more.  Sometimes...  Follow me and you might find the cool new thing before everyone else ruins it.


Once you follow me on Twitter you can check out my Reddit thing::

You might notice that I post a lot of Newgrounds links.  That is exactly why you should keep an eye on that page.  You can let the internet know how you feel about the newest and coolest stuff here on Newgrounds!  Feel free to post your own Reddit things and ill jump into the conversation as well! 


I hope everyone is having an awesome Holliday season and have a Merry Christmas!



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2013-12-16 16:16:57

Meh, why not? Followed you on Twitter. PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME! :(

ForNoReason responds:

I am a constant disappointment. Thanks!


2013-12-17 09:59:18

i wish i had a twitter account :)


2013-12-22 12:41:19

BTW I'm telling you this for no reason, yeah really :)