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Entry #228

A Commercial Creating CONTEST!

1/8/13 by ForNoReason
Updated 4/28/13

Wanna earn some awesome Newgrounds swag?

Then create a commercial about Newgrounds!

The top three winners will earn $25 Newgrounds store credit!

The best commercial will win $25 store credit, a super secret awesome prize and be interviewed by TheInterviewer!

If anyone else wants to throw in some prizes then PM me!

Due date is April 27th 2013

#NG_TV_Spot - TurkeyBased
An Ad for Newgrounds - Mikeys9607
A Newgrounds Commercial -Jonimator
Light of NG - descom
NG Commercial 2013 - WhiteLightning
Everything, by Everyone - jagondudo
NG Commercial Entry - Gunboyisawesome
NG Commercial - TheMajormel
Newgrounds TV Bump - digsBot
Vees NG Commercial - veselekov
Newgrounds Ad - RyderOmega

Judges for the contest are:

and myself


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Btw, you may want to update my name from "jjjkuk" to my current :3 Go ahead and add a "formerly known as..." so people know it's me.



Just submitted my entry!

It's official, I'm on board with this. You can expect something from me.



Is there going to be any way to get the winners featured on the site?



Totally entering! Although, I'm already in the middle of making a cartoon, so I wont start working on it for a little while. Would it be a good idea if I wait to post it towards the deadline, so no one steals my idea and makes it better? Are there any disadvantages for turning it in towards the end?

1/15/13 ForNoReason responds:

Nope, all entries will be treated equally regardless of when they are submitted. Towards the end might be the best idea! Glad you are joining!

i am willing to throw in the prize of sending the top three submissions a personalized digital photograph of me giving them an overly enthusiastic thumbs up. it's not much, but it's something.



darn, I'm not a judge
oh well

Can I throw in a prize for "most 'sandwich-eatery" username to enter"?

1/9/13 ForNoReason responds:

You bet your ass you can

I might enter.