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Want to Make an Easter Egg, Get Coauthored and Make Money?

9/17/09 by ForNoReason

I am working on a project that is going to focus on my voice acting talents!

Yeah, it is another sound board.

However, this one will contain flash animated Easter eggs. This is where I need the great talents of the flash community.
Your Task:

1. Take one of my Voice Acting Pieces.
2. Create a flash using part or all of it.
3. Send me the .fla file.

24 FPS

If I use your part it will be an Easter egg in my upcoming project.
You WILL be coauthored and you WILL earn a portion of the Flash Ad Revenue.

Any questions?


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I'm in.



Ok, ive started the animation and will finish it sometime soon. One other question i have is if i should script anything, like pause/play buttons or anything... Another question, can i do more than one animation? had a couple ideas for some of your other VAs...

10/15/09 ForNoReason responds:

Feel free to do more than one. However, if someone else does the same one ill take the better of the two. I don't think that will be a prob tho =p. Also, don't worrk about buttons or anything like that.



Ok first off, ive heard Stalagmite mention you more than once so you must be a good voice actor. Secondly, how did you get batman to dance for you?

Anyway, animation wise, i just use one of your voice actings, animate it at 24fps, 800x520 pxl, in AS2, as a Flash 8 file, right? And what are the limitations, meaning violence and gore, cuz some of your VA's have instances where that would be expected.

10/14/09 ForNoReason responds:

You are correct on all fronts. With the violence and gore, if it fits with the VA piece then you have free rule over what goes into the flash. Also, I found the Batman sprites about a year ago on some old web site. Don't know where anymore =p



can i do one?

10/13/09 ForNoReason responds:

Give it a go.



I could do something! :)

10/9/09 ForNoReason responds:

That would be awesome!

Ohh stupid me i forgot to submit my flash yesterday-All In One Compilations Vol.1



whens the deadline?
seeing as this post is about two weeks old im kinda wondering if its worth it

I am back and i just co-authored you on the slipknot attack flash

Easter eggs?hmm i might send some of my blammed flash works to you.

But their all 550X400 Resolution,4-10 FPS and AS2



every one of your collabs seems like a joke! (I mean no offense)

9/18/09 ForNoReason responds:

Thank you?

Can it use sprites?

9/17/09 ForNoReason responds:




Also, PM me, I may forget by the time I'm out of class.




1) When is the deadline?
2) Are there any restrictions?
3) What are the flash dimensions? (Default? 550x400?)
4) As a trade, can you teach me how to make an Easter Egg?